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Great Lakes Tournament November 23, 2013
All-Timers Tournament Set for Jan. 18,2014

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Start Your Bible Quiz Team Today!

Encourage your young people to study the Scriptures by starting a Bible Quizzing team! Through quizzing they will experience a deep fellowship commitment with their own team, their competition, and, most importantly, with Jesus Christ. "There simply is no better ministry out there than Bible Quizzing. All who get involved with it—quizzers, coaches and quizmasters— are enriched by the exposure to Gods Word." — TTTraynor. Currently, at least 20,000 young people across the country are learning the same Books of Scripture through their local Bible Quizzing Teams!

WBQA Mission Purpose Statement

WBQA Mission PurposeAll believers are called to model the Christian Faith and teach young people to live as commissioned disciples in the world. (2 Timothy 3:16 and 17, Deuteronomy 6:5-7 , John 14:15)

The mission of WBQA is to encourage the study of scripture and the development of faith in Christ through Bible quizzing. WBQA shall accomplish this end by facilitating interdenominational quizzing and supporting and encouraging the development of local Bible Quizzing.

All gifts to WBQA are tax deductible. Your contributions are needed to help us make this ministry available to more young people in the following ways:

1. Establishing new teams and leagues
2. Promoting Bible Quizzing on a national level
3. Keeping our Scripture Portions affordable
4. Providing scholarships to send new teams to WBQA events


Presenting the Bible Quiz Toolbox!

We have designed the Bible Quiz Toolbox to concisely display all key Links on Quiz Connection. The toolbox will be shared with other quizzing sites, so that all quiz organizations can share contact and event info.


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