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What is Bible Quizzing?


Simply stated, Bible Quizzing is a tool that motivates young people to learn God's word, work together, and expand their horizons. Teams compete on a regular basis at a local church or school, as students enjoy fellowship, fun, and Christ-centered competition.


As questions are read, teams jump up from quiz seats which electronically determine the quizzer who is up first. The winner of the jump can score points by correctly answering the question from that day's material. Teamwork, knowledge, strategy, and physical skill are all attributes of a good quiz team. Quiz meets or seasons often culminate in a playoff bracket and championship quiz.


Bible quizzing is a great way encourage young people to study the Scriptures. Through quizzing they experience a deep fellowship commitment with their own team, their competitors, and, most importantly, with Jesus Christ.


Click here to see a video about quizzing and the World Bible Quiz Association.

The Origins of Bible Quizzing


Bible Quizzing began in Youth for Christ in the late 1940s. Jack Hamilton was a successful businessman in Kansas City in the early post-World War II days. God began working in his mind and life and led Jack to begin high school Bible clubs. Beginning first in Kansas City and later in other metropolitan areas across the country, Jack pioneered and developed the concept of "Youth for Christ Bible Club." The YFC club was a rallying point for individual Christians on a high school campus. It provided them with a means of carrying the gospel to their unsaved friends.


Shortly thereafter Bible Quizzing was born. Jack felt that there was a need for an activity that would involve Christian teenagers in a serious study of the Word of God. A competitive framework that involved questions and answers, the Word of God, and teenagers seemed to meet this need. Starting in Kansas City, Bible Quizzing spread in several years to Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and other parts of the nation.


Since then, a large number of denominations and organizations have developed their own programs. WBQA was formed in 1972 through the efforts of Dr. Duane Cuthbertson. The ministry's purpose was to provide a common format for the various Bible Quizzing organizations. The current quiz material cycle was established in the early 1980's and has enabled the majority of churches, schools and ministry organizations to coordinate their programs. Since 1974, many of these teams have attended WBQA finals to fellowship and experience the best competition from a variety of backgrounds.

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