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Cindy, Past Quiz Leader and Former Quizzer


“I started my quizzing journey in 1978 and through the years have been a quizzer, official, coach, church coordinator, board member and parent.  The most fulfilling roles for me have been coach and parent.  As a coach I have seen the impact quizzing has had on the students’ lives.  I have had the joy of watching them grow in their relationship with Christ and seen  many enter the ministry as a direct results of Bible Quizzing.  We have worked together to understand and apply the full counsel of God’s Word as we have studied and memorized much of the New Testament.  I have been able to walk with them through the good times and bad times and to pray with them through it all.


As a parent, I have memorized right along with my younger ones.  I have seen what wonderful little sponges their brains are and how easily they can retain what they’ve learned.  I have seen the benefits of ‘training your brain’ academically.  The biggest blessing lately has been to see how obeying God by hiding His Word in our hearts has helped them to overcome one of the biggest problems of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  My two youngest were adopted and should have problems with retaining and retrieving information; and while that may still be the case academically, God has blessed them with wonderful recall of His Word.  What an eternal impact this is having on their lives.  I have found no better way to encourage Bible memorization than through Bible Quizzing.”

John, Former Quizzer


“Being involved in Bible Quizzing throughout high school in the early 1980’s was a great thing for me.  I had trouble fitting in at school but the Bible Quizzing group was always a place where I felt like I belonged.  In fact, some of the friends I made in quizzing are still part of my life today.


Memorizing scripture has also been a big plus for me.  I believe that being able to memorize entire books of the Bible has really helped me to understand the message of the gospel and resist the tendency to focus on one idea from scripture at the expense of others.  Learning to memorize the Bible still aids me in meditating on scripture, and this is one of the main ways I am able to make contact with God in my life.”

Tim, Former Quizzer


“Quizzing wasn’t something that I understood at first.  Really, a game from memorizing the Bible seemed intriguing in that I knew God wanted me in His Word and making it a sport was cool, but to memorize entire chapters seemed impossible.  I started small… My brother and I jumped in at the end of a season and tried to participate by memorizing the last chapter of Galatians.  Well, all I got was the first verse, but to this day, it is one of my favorite passages, and Galatians 6:1 helps me realize how I should or should not ‘judge’ others when I see them misstep.


I have a better understanding of the Bible due to my participation in quizzing and pouring over those valuable passages.  I remember more lessons from the Bible because of quizzing.  God wrote those lessons on my heart and to this day the Spirit will bring those back to me.  God helped me learn the passages if I just put Him first.  I have never once regretted one moment I put toward quizzing and learning God’s Word.


I am very thankful I had quizzing and pray God will provide my daughter with the same opportunities when and wherever we are when she gets old enough.  Thank you God for quizzing the leaders that gave of their time to make it possible for me to learn God’s Word.”

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