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What is the World Bible Quiz Association?


The World Bible Quiz Association is a non-profit, interdenominational organization focused on motivating young people, ages 20 and under, to study the Bible by providing competitive Bible Quiz tournaments.  


WBQA maintains a set of quiz rules intended to allow teams from across denominations and quiz programs to compete against each other. WBQA was instrumental in establishing the standard eight-year cycle of Bible material that most denominations and groups follow. This standard cycle enables cross-competition at WBQA events.


WBQA seeks to educate people, especially youth and youth leaders about quizzing and the importance of Scripture memorization.


WBQA serves as central point for communication within the quizzing community and provides access to quality quiz materials through their own published products and the products of others.


Click here to view a video about quizzing and the World Bible Quiz Association.


To contact the World Bible Quiz Association, email our Executive Committee at

Our Mission

All believers are called to model the Christian Faith and teach young people to live as commissioned disciples in the world. (2 Timothy 3:16-17, Deuteronomy 6:5-7, John 14:15)


The World Bible Quiz Association (WBQA) exists to encourage the study of scripture and the development of faith in Christ through Bible quizzing. WBQA shall accomplish this end by facilitating interdenominational quizzing and supporting and encouraging the development of local quizzing. We will focus on:


  • Maintaining the WBQA quiz rules

  • Establishing a quiz cycle

  • Holding denominational leaders meetings

  • Maintaining a set of geographic quiz regions, each headed by a regional director

  • Training quiz leaders and officials

  • Running regional and national interdenominational tournaments

  • Educating people about Bible quizzing

  • Implementing operating policies

  • Producing high quality quiz materials

  • Communicating with the quizzing community


Our Board Members


Executive Committee


Rick Morgan - Executive Director

Rich Kifer - President

John Isett - Vice President

Becky Diamond - Treasurer

Michelle Gervais - Secretary


Members at Large


Leona Asper

Nate Parker

Jim Benson

Cathy Buiten



Clay Stanton

Craig Hinz

Paul Gardner

Sarah Madtes


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