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The Berean Study Bible Brings Excitement to the Bible Quizzing Community




   When the decision was made to discontinue the NIV84 an already struggling ministry found it's many organizations struggling to find answers and to keep unity.  Fast forward a few years.  


    After a few trial years with the ESV WBQA decided that there had to be a better alternative for the quizzing commnity in bringing unity among the various denominations with a text that was true to the original language yet easy enough to memorize for the many youth participating in Bible Quizzing. 


   After a lot of research and discussion the WBQA Board of Directors decided to move forward with a fairly new translation knonwn as the Berean Study Bible.  This version of Scripture stood out above all the others that were reserached as options for Bible Quizzing.  This past year was the first year that WBQA has quizzed on the BSB and it seems to have been a very good decision.  


   Since deciding to move to the BSB there have been other denominations such as the Missionary Church and the Bretheren in Christ churches that have decided to move forward with the BSB.  Both of these quizzing organizations are excited as we begin to move toward a more unified quizzing community.  "WBQA has always been about bringing the quizzing community toogether, and that is what we are finding the BSB is doing for us" (Rick Morgan - WBQA Executive Director).  


   The hope of WBQA is that as time goes on, more and more quizzing organizations and denominations will begin to move toward the BSB and again have a unified quizzing community.  


   If you would like more information on the Berean Study Bible you can visit:




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