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Version Task Force Update




The WBQA Board recently appointed a Task Force responsible for researching Scripture Version options and presenting a recommendation for the version to be used by WBQA beginning with the 2016-2017 quiz year.


WBQA posted an article, here, in March describing the background of why the Task Force had been formed and process by which they were conducting their research. 


The Task Force has completed much of this work and has narrowed their selections for recommendation to the WBQA Board down to three options.  Those options are New King James Version, Holman Christian Standard Bible and the Berean Bible.


The Task Force will be finalizing their recommendation in the coming month and making a presentation to the WBQA Executive Committee at the end of July, which will be voted on by the full board in August.


As soon as a decision is reached by the board, it will be communicated to quiz leaders and posted to the WBQA website.


We are grateful for the comprehensive, diligent and prayerful way the task force has been conducting this important work.  Our thanks to the members of the task force: Cindy Hatfield, John Isett, Gary Johnson, Rich Kifer and Rick Morgan!



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