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NIV '84 Chosen for 2015-2016 Quiz Year




Changing Scripture versions has been a big topic within Bible Quizzing the last few years.  The version formally used by many groups was the 1984 New International Version, which is no longer permissible to be printed since Zondervan released an updated version in 2011.


Many groups served by WBQA have concerns with changes made to the 2011 NIV, and this prompted WBQA to select ESV for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 quiz years.  Within the groups using ESV, however, there has continued to be some challenges voiced by teams finding the wording structure more difficult to understand and memorize.


Since there has not been strong sense of satisfaction with the version options that have been presented so far, and since a significant amount of time is needed to conduct a thorough research of version options, WBQA has faced a difficult decision.  After receiving input from quiz groups participating in WBQA events and using WBQA materials, the WBQA board voted to use the 1984 NIV version for the upcoming 2015-2016 quiz year.  This means that WBQA will not be publishing or selling quiz materials, but will be assiting quiz groups participating with WBQA to connect with other groups that able to share leftover material from prior printings.


In the meantime, a version “task force” has been created to comprehensively research version options and present a recommendation to the WBQA board for future quiz years, starting with the 2016-2017 quiz year.  The task force is composed of 5 quiz leaders: Cindy Hatfield, John Isett, Gary Johnson, Rich Kifer and Rick Morgan.


The task force will be completing their review this spring and preparing a recommendation for the WBQA board in July 2015.  For more about the task force, the versions they are reviewing and the process being used, click here.


We hope you will join with us in prayer for the ministry of quizzing, particularly during this year for WBQA's research and decision-making for the future.  


If you are in need of 1984 NIV materials for the 2015-2016 quiz year, email us at  We will assist to connect you with groups able to share their extra materials from the previous printing eight years ago.

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